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Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 19:13 0 comment[s]

In the edge of tiring night,
I hug his restless soul
amid the morning mist
fight inescapable fate
through endless bridge

I kiss the sun
who full of agony
and taste his heart's ache.
I wait for morning dawn
to sing for serenity
and wish his pain away.

between dew and fog,
I am hoping
to find the way
back to we used to be

25 October 2015 | 22.15
This poem is written for my "25 October 2014", central park, crane, Bondowoso and e-night which saw how He and I met till we broke up. For someone who have fought together to set everything back to its place a year ago. Though in the end we decided (you already decided) to give up. 
Wise man said that "memories can be painful. To forget may be a blessing". So, what am i supposed to do if i still can forget every single thing that relate with us? what am I supposed to do if i still hope for the second chance? WAKE UP.


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